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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)ProgramCalculation typeMethod(s)Basis SetEnergySolv.Vibr.Orb.
thumbnail.jpeg31-Jan-2019/OPBE tz2p_Fe_IInc2co_5Swart, MarcelADF; 2009; 01Single pointDFTTZ2P-55.02013031; eV
thumbnail.jpeg31-Jan-2019/OPBE tz2p_Fe_IInc2co_1Swart, MarcelADF; 2009; 01Single pointDFTTZ2P-53.47644936; eV
thumbnail.jpeg31-Jan-2019/OPBE tz2p_Fe_IInc2co_3Swart, MarcelADF; 2009; 01Single pointDFTTZ2P-54.97480634; eV
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